Hypervelocity a Chu:

The chirp happy ~ boarded the last train with the Mid-Autumn Festival [however are not a dime

Connected articles, the stems get to travel to Zhuhai probably unfinished

A crane my family together finally have the opportunity to reveal a positive a ('◔4◔) [although a little [candles]

Today burst liver, liver 3! ! ! [Somewhat admire his (· × ·) Although there are graffiti [

If you want to ask me why clothes are not the same as a little subtle

I will answer with my teacher that sentence to answer

[Because I feel so good-looking. ]

Quietly go for the typo

ps: Here you can not see, I spit on their own slots.

Although also like painting and Hori, but is not suitable to go underwater Horikawa ('· _ · `) 

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