Summer Kagura:

"Kill shi house? Doll House? "

Summarized shadow, late: Xia God yue

Hikaru holds video game: Doll - Light Writer - baa cones cones

Preface - Xi 々, a person の Doll Doll house wa ni live san desu で i ma da.

A long time ago, there lived a doll in the doll house.

P6 ba ba nn nn. - Who i ma desu ga ga?

- Yo u ko そ, Doll House understands.

Knock on the door. Who is in it?

Burnett a red headband, wearing a black doll vibrating said: Welcome to the Doll House.

P7 past day 々 の

Tour a thread ni bo ~

In the past day.

Doll is not a doll, she is a literary and painter's childhood.

Scholars not good at expressing his feelings for her, every day painting paper presentation show.

P8 day thou ru 々

Master Yang, ko-do u u と い desu ga?


She suddenly began to understand why scholars can not bring himself to set foot in the creation of that room.

Faced with a huge mirror, she saw caught his scientist.

"I think you always look to my side now."

P9 Love ni su ru の people kill shi, shi disintegration, one made me cry で の humanoid Connecticut

Academics put their favorite people made the dolls.

Continued - ka shi shi, Binv a person で wa wa ri ma se san.

"Yeah. I put my soul that will never leave you now."

That hint of a smile to see her yet?

Finally, in the end who became a doll who does?


In fact, this is according to my sister gave me the idea of my own brain complete complement of ...

I made do not go ...

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