Once Saki ~ te, sewage ku na っ ta flowers.

[↑ no such thing]

Long a lot of cost flow! Before the points go read the warnings carefully!

Ah it is the legendary campus meat. Storyboard also scribbled scribbled drawing ......

Delete line] is that what the four kings of x transfer students a little trick tablets [strikethrough]

Just a meat seriously you lose, after all, so please do not care about no story here only a few high school students will play cruel man

Because there is no breath finished (I was too slow soil Xiazuo []), so they make up a piece of meat last, really quite dirty edible So please be careful ...

Dayton is still the second pot stew it do please look forward ♂

I do not kneel difference meter! !

Well in the end I was doing ah [crazy]

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