Chicken juvenile Melatonin:

Mid-Autumn Festival before the next cover map, for the first time with a drawing knife so many (people), anyway, is the Mid-related content, not time to write the script.

Looking at the results, it was found the book, ah how little role?

Ah I know the stone was cut because the father did not maneuver too slow to keep up with everyone right (Conan BGM)

By the way, I do receive Yangkan day,

Then she sleeps in the dining room directly senseless demolition Express -

My mother: "cover how like gay?"

Me: "...... not (guilty)."

Then I fled the room, this is obviously just the sound of all ages (?) Why do I want to escape this ah! ! !

Niangqin ah why you can not be like the father that "ah ha ha ha ha ha ah this girl looks really man"

Finally, with the help of propaganda about - ONLINE ☜

Although it is still the main focus of the joy of the crane a CP friends

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