Expanse bullet went through, even in the face of endless loop, challenge and danger, courage scraps.

                                                                                         _ [Reincarnation] clan

[Full-time master - reincarnation clan]


From S City, a young team; in terms of individual performance and teamwork are very prominent.

[The so-called loop, is not stagnant; it piecemeal, step catching up]

[Interlocking and inseparable]

Whether it is good coordination river waves brought more complete understanding;

Or is clocked the tenth season super tackling hand, complements the team lacked portion

"I always believe in reincarnation can win, no matter who we're playing!"

# # Clan reincarnation

★ Members: 
Zhou Zekai - Ziguan
river waves - nine Jiu Shi Jiu Shi nine @ 
Sun Xiang - gag Xiang   @ eight Baidu 
Domingo - Moon   Saku 
WU Qi - Yin
Lu parked far from -196 white   nodding sun @ 
Fang Minghua - Yang Yang
☆ Photography: Asakura, DNA


~ Shot last January

End of updated elsewhere ~

However, the number of sheets to be sent LOFTER very much trouble

Re still very moved to see a photo TTTT

First put a positive trend of drama ~

The next two will be warm and funny than the daily papers & small piece XDDD

We hope to have the opportunity to shoot the new uniform it ~

This is my favorite team reincarnation !!

Thank you, dear teammates shot a day ~ ~ ~ ~ feel super happy!

I love you love reincarnation TTTTTT

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